Elastic makes your textareas grow and shrink to fit it’s content. It was inspired by the auto growing textareas on Facebook. The major difference between Elastic and it’s competitors is it’s weight.

How to use Elastic

The usage of Elastic is very straight forward. All you have to do is to include Jquery and the javascript file containing the plugin and use the elastic function.

  1. $( selector ).elastic();

Max height

The css property ‘max-height’ will affect Elastic. Scrollbars will appear when the content is bigger than the set max height.

Change log
1.6.11Fixed an issue with Jquery’s NoConflict-mode and a, mistakenly, omitted var. (Thanks to Adamdicarlo and Weltraumschaf)
1.6.10Fixed an issue causing a never ending loop in IE. (Thanks to John, CareerHub)
1.6.9Code cleanup and fixed variable leak. (Thanks to Jan Paul Posma)
1.6.5Fixed an issue where cut and paste wouldn’t work. (Thanks to Isaac Chapman)
1.6.4Fixed issue with minified version and Jquery 1.4.2
1.6.3Fixed issue with continuous spaces and words longer than the width of the textarea (Thanks to Michael A Maw, Eviltwinfletch and Jibum Jung)
1.6.2Fixed an issue with max height in Opera (Thanks to Martin Grandrath)
1.6.1Fixed a cpu overhead issue, and changed incorrect css selectors to correct ones. (Thanks to Eric Caron, Martin Borthiry and Ara T Howard)
1.6Fixed an issue with using elastic on multiple textareas (Thanks to Michael for reporting the bug and finding a solution)
1.5Complete refactor of the plugin
1.4Fixed an issue regarding disappearing carets
1.3Made it compatible with JQuery 1.3.2 and added proper support for max-height (scrollbars visible when textarea reaches max height). The animation is removed. (it took to much visual focus and it did not work well with Google Chrome) (Thanks to Casper Fabricius and Marcus Kabele for contributing to this version)
1.2Fixed an issue where the textbox height would twitch when using smaller font sizes. (Thanks to Dimitry for reporting the problem and providing a solution.)
1.1Fixed a problem with Internet Explorer 6.0 where the plugin didn’t work if a height attribute in the CSS wasn’t set. (Thanks to Eric for reporting the problem.).

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